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 Welcome to Secure File Vault  

Advanced file encryption software  
Wouldn't it be nice to have a safe, private place to keep all your most valuable information? Where no one else can access it. Or even see it on the hard disk!

Secure File Vault is very useful:

  • In just two mouse clicks, you can achieve the following:
    • Password protect a directory (or file).
    • Encrypt the same.
    • Hide the same to make it invisible in Windows Explorer.
  • 128-bit encryption for maximum protection.
  • Email password protected files. The files remain protected during their transfer over the Internet.
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface.
  • File shredder function for complete obliteration of unwanted files. That means there is no way to recover the files from the Recycle bin or any other way.
  • Convenient Favorites Manager to password protect and encrypt your special secret Favorite websites.
  • Handy protected Password Wallet for easy access to websites where you need to log in.

File Locker
You can email locked files to anyone and the selected file will remain encrypted - ensuring privacy while the data is exposed to potential hackers and crackers. Locking a file is as easy as checking the check box next to it. Or you can lock a whole directory. When you lock a file or directory, it becomes invisible in Windows Explorer and 128-bit encrypted (military grade encryption).

Favorites Manager
The Favorites Manager keeps all your favorites encrypted and locked from others. It has an easy to use export/import facility to enable easy transfers to/from Internet Explorer. You can set Secure File Vault to open your favorite sites in a new window, or an existing one.

Password Wallet
Using the Password Wallet, you'll never again have to write down your user names and passwords on bits of paper that get misplaced or found by others. Of course, they are all password protected within Secure File Vault.

File Shredder
The purpose of the File Shredder is to let you completely obliterate files and directories. This means that forensic methods of file recovery will no longer work. A good analogy is this: Normally, when you delete a file, it's like throwing a piece of paper in your rubbish bin. Anyone can walk over and retrieve it and have a look at it. If you go to the trouble of deleting the file from the recycle bin, it's like crushing the piece of paper into a ball and throwing it in the bin. It's a bit harder - the person needs to un-crunch the piece of paper, but he can still get it and read it without much problem. When you use the Secure File Vault File Shredder, it's like running a piece of paper together with another 20 or 30 pages of paper through a paper shredder. There simply is no way that anyone can retrieve the data.

Every effort has been made to ensure Secure File Vault is intuitive and easy to use. Support is just an email away. Secure File Vault runs on Windows 95, 98, ME and 2000 and XP

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